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OSEF IC - TopGoldz OSEF IC - TopGoldz
    $34.49 $24.49

    Looking for a bit of shine and Fashion? We have designed and created one of the most fashionable initial letter chains for our customers’ to show off the initial letter of their name in an...

    Cursive Bling Cursive Bling
      Cursive Bling
      $39.99 $24.49

      Want both shiny and classy? Up your style and outfit with one of the most popular initial letter chains in our store. This initial letter chain comes with a cursive style font and a layer...

      Tilted Letters Tilted Letters
        Tilted Letters
        $29.99 $19.99

        Loved and bought by most  One of the most popular initial letter chains necklaces in the jewelry market is these solid plated tilted letters which attach from both sides of the pendant which is the...

        Clasp Letters Clasp Letters
          Clasp Letters
          $34.49 $24.99

          Want your initial letter with a more pendant-like look? That’s why we came up with this beautiful chain-saw ish chain and a loop pendant as the bolt hook following your desired initial letter. Great for...

          OE Letters OE Letters
            OE Letters

            Simple but fashionable  Our old English hanging letters were designed and made for those who want to keep a simple but also stylish look for their casual and formal wear. Comes in 3 plating of...

            Pearl Letters Pearl Letters
              Pearl Letters
              $34.99 $24.49

              Looking for something cute that could be worn with anything? We crafted and produced something different for those who would like to try and rock a new style other than the regular metal chain type...

              HL IC - TopGoldz HL IC - TopGoldz
                $32.49 $23.49
                HL IC - TopGoldz HL IC - TopGoldz
                  HL IC
                  $32.49 $23.49

                  Heart charm plus your desired letter  A simple but meaningful necklace with a mini heart charm to display your name’s initial letter for a simple and fashionable look in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.  Fits...

                  Custom&Iced Limited IC Custom&Iced Limited IC
                    Custom&Iced Limited IC

                    Looking for a flashy formal way to show off your initials? This glorious full-bling initial letter has been one of the most popular items in its entire collection and has been sold out nearly for...

                    Heart Initial Heart Initial
                      Heart Initial
                      $29.99 $19.49

                      A charm placed perfectly around the letter This will make a great look for those looking for a mixture of solid and CZ chains. A heart-shaped CZ charm with your desired initial letter placed right...