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Wire Style Wire Style
    Wire Style
    $29.99 $18.99

    A simple chain for those looking for a simple style to add to their jewelry collection  Simple but stylish at the same time with our Wire Style singular necklace.  3 of the main color ways...

    Filmy Flat Filmy Flat
      Filmy Flat
      $33.49 $19.99

      A flat surfaced look-alike chain which brings a special and elegant look to your neck.  Can be worn by itself for a simple and fashionable style or be attached by any of your desired pendants/charm...

      Wire Brambles Wire Brambles
        Wire Brambles
        $28.49 $15.49

        An exciting piece for those who are looking for something that brings just a little more fun. Our Wire Brambles come with a creative twisted and circular looking design to bring just a little more...

        Blade Choker Blade Choker
          Blade Choker
          $29.99 $16.99

          Stylish for an everyday use street-fashionable look. Handmade and crafted 12 singular blade-Looking charms attached to one another with a singular circular charms to form a great looking choker for those who like to add...

          Toggled Chain Toggled Chain
            Toggled Chain
            $25.99 $14.99

            Simple chainsaw looking necklace that completes a casual look. Designed and put together as a small chainsaw looking piece that forms a spectacular necklace. This product comes with an amazing designed hook that not only...

            Square Tennis Square Tennis
              $39.99 $25.99
              Square Tennis Square Tennis
                Square Tennis
                $39.99 $25.99

                Want more shine and bling from a piece to bring in a flashy look aside from your solid plated items? We have designed this very glorious and spectacular tennis chain which differs from the other...